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Welcome to The Fox's Trousers - Maker of replica items, carved natural products and procurer of curiosities and oddities. Custom orders welcome!

I make things, poke holes in stuff and get very, very dusty. Sometimes people like the things I make, so I sell them! Please have a look around, Like The Fox's Trousers on Facebook, and if you see anything you like please don't hesitate to get in touch.


  • Putaruru Water Festival

    7 February at 13:44 from atlas

    Went to the Putaruru Water Festival over the weekend - unfortunately it didn't matter whether I sold anything or not because my family ...

  • We got a mention!

    12 July at 08:54 from atlas

    After attending the Bluelight Goat to Stoat Kids' Hunting competition on the weekend I acquired a large number of pest carcasses and ...

  • Mr Piggy in the Dremel Catalogue!

    4 June at 17:38 from atlas

    Mr Piggy was featured in the 'Inspiration' section of the NZ/AUS Dremel Catalogue! ...


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